Attention: secrets are revealed!

There is nothing more personal than a family story. But sometimes you can’t do without the help of specialists. Here are 4 main types of therapy that work with family secrets and their influence on our life.


Founder: Sigmund Freud.

How does this happen? The basic principle of psychoanalysis is immersion in the unconscious and studying it in order to save a person from problems of a neurotic nature. In the process of meetings with a psychoanalyst, a “free association method” is used: the patient, lying on the couch, says everything that comes to mind. The analyst interprets the hidden meaning of the words, deeds, dreams and fantasies of a person, tries to unravel the tangle of associations in search of the main problem.

The patient talks about his childhood, relationships with parents – thus family secrets are revealed.

Where to look? Center for modern psychoanalysis, t. (095) 240 6594;Moscow Society of Psychoanalysts, T. (495) 201 4711.


Founder: Jacob Moreno.

How does this happen? The plots important for humans are played;The means of role -playing game are explored by his inner world, social relations, dreams. Working with family history may include a “meeting” with one of the ancestors (members of the therapeutic group help in this). Staying as an ancestor helps the client feel emotions, resist deep conflicts, and see a lot with different eyes. The client can communicate with his ancestors, ask them questions, ask for advice.

Psychodramatic action always ends with a conversation about the feelings of all participants in the session.

Where to look? Institute of Group and Family Psychotherapy, T. (495) 917 8020.

Family therapy

Founders: Mara Selvini-Palazzani, Murray Bowen, Virginia Satir, Karl Vitecher.

How does this happen? Family therapy includes several approaches;common for everyone – focus not on one person, but on the family as a whole, sometimes on many of its generations. The work often uses a genram – a family drawn on a sheet of paper, reflecting marriages, divorces, birth and death, related ties.

In the process of compiling it, a secret that changes the life of the family is often found.

Where to look? Society of family consultants and psychotherapists, t. (495) 951 4928;Institute of Psychotherapy and Consulting “Harmony”, t. (812) 371 8220.

Family arrangements

Founder: Bert Hellinger.

How does this happen? The method “materializes” the idea of a place occupied by one or another ancestor in the person’s view of his family. The client makes a family’s arrangement: he has the participants of the therapeutic group around him depicting his relatives. The psychotherapist analyzes the place of family members in space. The main difference between this method and the psychedram is not the exchange of roles, the assistants talk about their own feelings and sensations, after which the client can change the arrangement.

Where to look? Family arrangement workshop, t. (8 910) 452 0809.

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